Slow programm Once a week for only 20 minutes

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Normal program Twice a week for only 20 minutes

Fast program Twice a week for only 40 minutes

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Easyslim scientific team

You will now have with you:

  • our scientific team with the
  • easyslim application

because at the same time you need guidance

  • control
  • encouragement and
  • discipline






Monitoring, control & support throughout the programme

‘Aphrodite weight control software’ allows for the most efficient and effective monitoring, observation and control of the client’s progress. It produces specific ‘PROGRESS’ reports every 4 visits (weight loss, increase in metabolic rate, body fat reduction, inches lost in every body part).

Our clients get to see a complete, personal and scientific programme which supports and closely observes their progress through to the accomplishment of their goals. Our ‘Aphrodite software’ is specially designed to provide the client with a clear and sound presentation of our methodology, making our programme reliable and successful.  



- Combination of low intensity exercise with infrared lamps;

This is applied twice a week for only 20 minutes, which is equivalent to 5 hours of normal cardio. The infrared lamps boost the client’s metabolism significantly yet very easily.

 - The programme’s simple and timesaving nature, with a balanced diet plan makes it particularly appealing to everyone.

Aphrodite  Slimming method rejects the tiring and infective way with strenuous exercise and specific diets, counting calories and having small meals.  It is an easy and fast method where the words tiredness and diet are forbidden!  With gentle movement and complete freedom a person can enjoy a meal from a variety of good groups.

Scientific research has proven the effectiveness of exercise combined with the use of infrared lamps in weight loss.

We shall present them in a potential meeting.

imagine how many times you start an effort only with diet or exercise and you bailed on the first disappointment or difficulty without completing it 

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EasySlim’s exclusive software for:

 Initial proposal - offer
Weight Loss monitoring
 Programme registration with ‘PROPOSAL’

Registration proposal via ‘Aphrodite weight control software’.

The specific needs (weight, metabolism, b.m.i, ideal body proportions) and goals of each client are determined from the very beginning. A collection of data (numbers, charts and photographs) are presented in our unique ‘PROPOSAL’ form.
Then, we present our three programmes (slow, standard, fast) and their allocated prices, from which the client may choose to proceed.
The opportunity of seeing one’s body without the excess weight acts as a motivational force for registering in the programme as well as a psychological driver through to the programme’s success.

Our ‘PROPOSAL’ makes  easier as the client is aware of the total cost and time as well as the final result, from the very start.




-A variety of choices of both active and passive slimming machinery are offered for weight loss of 1 to 50 kilos, cellulite problems, body tightening, metabolism improvement and others, always with the support or the Easyslim scientific team.  Easyslim Slimming packages offer a complete programme of weight loss by means of a method which through the years has proved to be extremely effective.  It is intended for people who have tried both, traditional and sophisticated methods or diets with no results.  It is also intended for those people who have lost weight but have regained the kilos they had lost, and also for those who want to gain and retain for ever a healthy, beautiful and attractive body.