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Fast program Twice a week for only 40 minutes

In different result speed. You choose based on your reasons and finance abilities.

Three  times a week for only 40 minutes

Easyslim professionals with the 29-year experience have created a complete weight loss program-system.​ ​



In the beginning it’s easy, then you will need the discipline from Easyslim System 


In order to lose more than 10 kg you need support, encouragement and discipline in your program

The first kilos to lose are easy, you will later need to keep your will with the help from Easyslim system  

Special Programs

 We have solved the biggest problem especially in women improvement of metabolism burns – basal metabolism.

  1. Using Italian Energetic sports equipment – infrared, only with 20 minutes
  2. Improvement of the nutrition quality and habits using a simple diet
  3. With experts and technology, we have created something improvised and useful

Psychological support, encouragement and discipline to your program with:

  1. Scientific team
  2. Specialised software (based on USA research)
  3. Easyslim Application 

Our shops

  • A specialised software  named Aphrodite for personal management of your weight loss. With ‘Aphrodite’ we set from the beginning every persons needs and you’ll be able to see in a picture the ideal body.
    The whole time needed and the price in order to achieve your goal and to manage your weight until the end of your program


    In pictures – evaluation and the proposal for time and price – improvement comparison from the beginning and in visits 4, 8 etc.



In order to lose more than 10 kg you need support, encouragement and discipline in your program

  • Nutritionto improve the quality of your nutritional habits. The word diet is forbidden. It rejects the tiring and ineffective way that specialised diets use to count the calories and the small meals.  



It is for people who bail their attempts and never get to finish, it is for people who have tried all methods and diets, from traditional to the most specialised and have seen no result. To those who lost weight but gained it back and to those who want to get and maintain for ever a healthy, good shaped body.


Easyslim Application

Through the application you will get:

  • Continuously updates about your program
  • Support through messages
  • Update on your progress and your goals
  • Access in all content of the management and the support from home until the end of your program
  • CHAT

Presentations and personal experiences in TV channels

Advantages Easyslim system

YOU CAN’T ALONE if you want to lose more than 10 kg.

Think of all the times you started an attempt and bailed on the first disappointment or difficulty without achieving your goal!! This is what makes it so hard, not the way you choose.

   Time & price 


Complete the form  so that we can inform you how much time and what the price is so as to lose your excess weight (for free)

5 advantages

  • Weight loss
  • Body Toning
  • Body Measurements
  • Cellulite
  • Metabolism

In 1 program of 20 minutes

Covid 19 - Ανακοίνωση : Ο τρόπος εφαρμογής των προγραμμάτων και στα 8 κέντρα είναι ΑΝΕΠΑΦΗ, με ραντεβού κάθε 30 λεπτά σε ΑΤΟΜΙΚΑ  δωμάτια 1 ατόμου με μέγιστο αριθμό 2-5 ατόμων σε όλο το κέντρο (100 - 250 τ.μ.)  κάθε 1 ώρα. Λειτουργούμε με ΑΥΣΤΗΡΑ  μέτρα προστασίας. 

The decrease of our physical condition and the harmonic changes affect our basal metabolism.

Normal program Twice a week for only 20 minutes

In Easyslim weight loss programs we give a result guarantee with free time extension until we achieve the goal we set in the beginning

5 in 1

easyslim app

Energetic Metabolism Equipment 

The first kilos to lose are easy, then you will need the support from the Easyslim system


Italian Technology
Weight loss revolution with only 20    minutes

This technology is based on 4 principles for DRAMATIC INCREASE of the metabolism:

  1. The weather and the body temperature affect the metabolism. Increased temperature boosts the aerobic metabolism as soon as the human body gets activated and starts to metabolize the areas with the most body fat.
  2. The infrared light stimulates melatonin, the night hormone. This combined with aerobic exercise for 20 minutes gets us the same result as a 5-hour training.
  3. Infrared light can penetrate into the body fat cells and increase the temperature.
  4. Untrained people have bad cardio metabolism, but the kind that can be increased with a stable and low intensity exercise. The combination of infrared lights and exercise can lower impressively the time that is needed in order to boost our metabolism.
  •  Our scientific team with sports scientists, nutrition guides, sports psychologists and aesthetician, using an innovative computer software and a mobile application, will help you solve issues, will support and encourage you, discipline you and set goals with you, not only during your appointment during your visit in our centre but also for 24 hours

Guaranteed Result

Phone number for all Cyprus
77 77 77 87 

This Italian technology MIACT (Marchesi infrared adipocites technology) is a weight loss revolution since it is carried up to hypothalamus and decreases the body fat.

A specialised technology for people with much excess weight and for people that lack free time and don’t have the time nor the mood to exercise for many hours.

The only center that offers you a complete program-system of weight loss with the WHOLE PROPOSAL with time and price for you to lose the excess weight. 

Slow programm Once a week for only 20 minutes